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Dogs Named Taiko

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My dog's name is Taiko (prn. TAKE-OH) He's a dalmatian, and we love him dearly. However he isn't the brightest thing in the world! He's deathly afraid of bowling balls, storms, fireworks, trash bags.


I had a little Black & Silver Schnauzer named Taiko. I read that it was Japanese for Boss - however he was anything but bossy. I called him Tyke for short. I lost him just before Christmas.


I named my Shih Tzu puppy Taiko. He bounces around like he's on a drum and never lets up. He's really sharp, but keeps special attention when a treat is involved. Love him dearly as I do my other Shih Tzu. Adopted another small mix breed puppy 7 weeks old and can't find a name I really like. Prefer something unusual and not common.

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