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Dogs Named Bruiser

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thats my dogs name.

Leah Player

We have a Rottweiler we named Bruiser. We call him Bruise, Bruisie and even just plain old Boy! We only call him Bruiser if he's naughty! This name suits him very well, he just looks like a Bruiser!


Our Bloodhound just had puppies from a pitbull and the runt (the one we chose before we seen it bc we heard it loud and clear) looks just like a rottweiler and we are naming him Bruiser. it fits him he looks like he is gonna give a mean streak


I want a dog from pets plus its a cute baby boy and it looks like a Bruiser or a max but more like a Bruiser. If I get it i am naming him Bruiser.


That is such a cute name! Oh i mean tough


I named my dog that and he loves it


my dog is a shih tzu he is 4 weeks old and we have called him bruiser and the name suits him very wel

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