• Meaning of Charley: a man: variant of Carl.
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: English
Average: 3.3 (44 votes)

Dogs Named Charley

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Just adopted puppy and excited to bring him home and name him Charley.


We got a rescue dog and gave him the name Charley. With his unkempt fur around his head, the expression on his face and his fun loving, bubbly personality he reminded us of that old phrase - "a good time Charley".

Sammie Rogers

I just got a new puppy and its a girl and i named her Charlie (:


We have a Shih-tzu named Charlie he'll be a year June 1st. He is such a good boy.. how many times have you said "sorry charlie".....cracks me up. Enjoy your Charley's!!!!!!!!!

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