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Dogs Named Cody

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cody is a popular dog name


I love this name. So does my whole family. My dog is named Cody!!!!!


I have a dog named Cody but I spell Kodi :D


I spell mine Kodi instead


I Also Have A Female Dog Called Kodi, She's A Lhapa Apso :D


My beloved Black GSD was called Cody.She passed away in July :0( ......No other Dog will ever match her.The best name for the best dog.


I named my puppy Kodi after Cody Simpson :)


i have a 8 week old staf cross collie called Kodi, i did call him Odie (the dog out of garfield) but then my friend keft saying it reminded her of O.D (overdose). So every time i called the dog Odie i kept thinking of Overdose and it kept sounding weird the more i said it, he was starting to answer it so i changed it to Kodi as it sounded the same, it suits him though x


I have an Australian Shepard named Cody!!!


I am about to get a 2 year old male pomeranian that is named Toby. I don't really like it too much so I am going to change it to Cody because I hope it will sound similar to him. He is a tiny toy sable pom and I hope it fits him. I have only seen pictures of him and I already love him. We had a girl that looked just like him and her name was Scarlett. We miss her so much. Can't wait to get the new baby!!

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