• Meaning of Cooper: Barrel maker
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: English
Average: 4 (70 votes)

Dogs Named Cooper

Golden Retriever


Ron Kotev

What an awesome name!


cooper is my dogs name he is cute

Steve Remedios

My Golden Retriever is named Cooper, I named him when I brought him home for the first time, looking around while holding him in the car when I saw a Mini Cooper. What a great name, Cooper!!!!


My cocker spaniel is named Cooper. Too cute!


My dog is a mix rotti/shepard mix he 12 and still a musclely 113 pounds


my dogs name is cooper he is a boxer and is soooo cute


My 8 month old golden retriever, Cooper, is so adorable and he as crazy as ever!
Dont mistake the cuteness for as well behaved as you ight think!

Christian A.

My golden/labs name is Cooper. I did not get to name him that, but am glad I stuck with the name. He is 1 years old turning 2 in July.


I'm going to be getting a male lhasa apso in a few weeks and his name is going to be Cooper :)


I love my dog!


I love my dog


I have a German sheppard/ collie mix named cooper and he is the most adorable little stinker in this entire planet. Everyone loves him and no one more than me, I call him copper sometimes as my own little joke tehe

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