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my minature red color dachsund is so cute and her name is ginger


My Pomeranian's Name is Ginger! She is the Cutest Doggy ever in the world! She is a Reddish-Blond Dog.


My puddle name is Ginger!She is very cut and I love her.That name is the perfect for her!


Ginger is the best name for a dog, my german shepard mix has that name to.


LOL my cute maltese is named ginger ... i saw that name on this site and fell in love whit it !! ... my ginger is white LOL , but i still love her!!!! ;P


I had a lasha apso that last me 17yrs. unfortunally my baby died but her name was Ginger. and she was the best


Ginger a loyal german sheperd border collie mutt my dad got her when it was storming when it was out of 19 puppys from two litters she was the runt scared hiding behind a tree. a year later he met my mom they fell in love when ginger was three i came shes never has left my side when i was in second grade i started to home by my self from the bus stop she be there my mom has daibetes she saved her she makes sure she checks her sugar . feom a little girl 11 years ols kjs ginger 15 years old


Our Ginger was a 3 pound chihuahua mix ginger colored with a white stripe down her nose & white paws. She had to be put down yesterday because she got parvo & was not going to recover. She had the most unique brown/green eyes & a playful/sweet personality. She was 6 months old - I never knew how serious this disease is & how important shots are for puppies!

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