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Dogs Named Hershey

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I have a Dachshund and he is milk chocolate color and I named him Hershey. As soon as I seen him in the breeders pictures I knew that was going to be his name. Cute name.


Adopted a choc. lap puppy. The humane society named him "Lucas". He didn't look like a "Lucas" so the first thing that came to mind as he layed on my lap all curled up, he looked like an unwrapped hershey kiss - so that is how he got the name.


i love this name i named my chocalate lab puppy and she love it i love it to and her full name is hershey kiss hahahaha lol she is a year so wish me GOOD LUCK LOL.


I think it is the perfect name for a German shepherd. I think I should name her Hershey. But my other dog knows what a Hershey is and he might literally eat her. HHHEEELLLPPP MMMEEEE!!

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