• Meaning of Riley: Valliant. Rye. Form of Ryley.
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: English
Average: 4.1 (48 votes)

Dogs Named Riley

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we adopted our brishon with the name riley. i love his name. and it just fits him.


I just got a Cocker Spaniel puppy and we named him Riley. He is so cute! He is the best birthday present I have ever gotten! (:


my mom is getting a dog and naming it Riley and she is gonna add more to it and his name will be Tori's Golden Riley cause he's a golden retriever.


I have a rottwiler mix with German shepperd his name is Riley and boy dose it suit him! He's such a great dog great wit my 8 month old son


i LOVE this name, in fact this is what i plann to name a new PUPPY! although we don't have 1 yet, we are trying to find 1. that would be awesome if someone has a LITTER. i LOVE the light Carmel Hershey type. anyhow this name ROCKS!


Im getting a chocolate/ tan dashound and his name is riley


I'm adopting a dog and Riley is the best name Ever


I just adopted a dog from the kennel..he is a german Shepard pit bull mix.. he's amazing.. I'm not sure what his name was..or where I came up with the name Riley..but he couldn't have any other name.... he's saved me from myself..

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