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Dogs Named Shadow

German Shepherd



my dog's name is shadow because she has shadows around her eyes and she is a bluehealer


Shadow is a good dog name!!! :)


my dogs name is shadow and he is a black toy poodle i love the name and my shadow we have a lot of nicknames for him he anwsers to shad, shadie,boy, shadow and more he is a good dog


Shadow was our Beagle's name simply due to the fact she followed you everywhere. RIP Shadow...


I wanted this or Raven for our Black German Shepherd pup we are collecting after Xmas. But my Hubby and Son flatly refused. In fact, they laughed at me... No taste or imagination you see lol.


I had a dog named shadow for short shad I love him so much we whould play and he protecs me he whould find me when we play hide and seek I loved him so much I wish he whould come back but I know he's there for me

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