• Meaning of Bear: fearce and strong
  • Gender: Male
Average: 3.6 (80 votes)

Dogs Named Bear

German Shepherd
German Shepherd


Paul Howard

I had a Bear and just lost him to cancer he was as brave as the the name is I called him "Beardog" as a nickname I miss him everyday


I had a dog named bear he was the best dog in the world but we had to get rid of him because we moved to a new house and the people me and my family gave him to had him in the backyard then he jumped the fence looking for my family and me I miss him allot and i still think he is alive my Bear.


i luv my bear bear. he is the most spoiled rotten dog ive ever had luv ya my big baby boy...........


I love Bear!!! He's such a good boy!

Mary n Jason

I love my Mr. Bear!! He looked just like a little black bear when we saved him ! He is the BEST dog I have ever had ! He has brought complete love and happiness to my family ! Grateful for him everyday !

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