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Dogs Named Brody

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I like this name and he had no stars so i would be the first


We named our Toy Fox Terrier Brodie, after NJ Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, and Chief Brody of the Amity police force in JAWS. Great name for a dog, and this is the first site I've been to that has this name listed. good on yah!


I also got the name Brody from Jim Brody on Jaws---but for my son---too funny!!!!! Getting a tea cup yorkie and on here to find a perfect name!


When I do eventually get a pet, I will call him Brody :)


I had a GSD named Brody. He was the best!

Janet Deaton

When I was volunteering at our local Humane Society I was spending some precious time with a rescued stray Pitbull named "Brody". Tragically he was scheduled to be euthanized at the end of the week if unclaimed by his owners. I remember how sweet and gentle he was and wished there was a way I could adopt him. As fate would have it, I didn't have to. His owner showed up while I was out walking him. I swore to myself that when I could adopt a dog his name would be "Brody". Several months later my husband and I did just that.

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