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Dogs Named Pancakes

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Ryan Spooner

Love this name. Recently bought a lovely white Pomeranian and called it Pancakes - Pancakes the Pomeranian!!!


ya, it's a food...not a dog!


REALLY don't think it should be a dog name. A pub name, yes.
A cafe name, yes.
A food name, definately.
But a dog? I don't think so.
No offence if you called your dog this. It's just my opinion.


i think this name is great!
Food names aren't that bad if it fits,like i wanted to call a lab bagels,but things like curly fries just wouldn't work.


my dog is named pancake his mom ate pancakes and syrup when pregnanat and he was firstborn with a huge tan spot that looked like syrup he was called moms pancake from birth so he is called pancake

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