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Dogs Named Rex




best name for my dog he is 1 month
puppy rottwiler


Awesome name! I think I might name my border collie this!


best dog name ever had a dog named rex very good dog...(R.I.P. pal)


i have a border collie called rex and it really suits him


i have a border collie who came with his name as rex we got him from a farm in avonbridge.


Thats really cute! But now we might get a Leonberger, but if none of those work ouyt we would probably get a Lab.

Aju VS

wonderful name, named for my alsatian


I love this name. I think I'm getting a beagle pretty soon and I was trying to find names and I think this is the best name ever ..... At least for a boy dog. lol


I think I'm probably getting a Leonberger but if not we are gonna get a Lab. :( (maybe a broder Collie MAYBE!)


My dog's name is Rex and he is a chihuahua. He is chocolate brown and this name is very cute on him. :D


Haha thats so cute!!! I love it!


Rex is latin for "King"


As Will said a moment ago, Rex is Latin for "King" and it was a dog name a LONG time before it was used for the dinosaur -- in fact, Disney's choice of the name was a play on the fact that Rex is a very common dog name and the fact that he is a T. Rex.

There was a comic book in the 50's called Rex the Wonder Dog, and years before that there was a canine actor, a border collie who went by the same name, who was acting as early as 1925.

I'm still hunting around on the Internet for older references to dogs named Rex, but I've heard from a history buff that ancient Romans started using Rex as a dog name, as a symbol of pride in their Republic. Still looking for a citation for that one, but yeah... Rex means king in Latin, and it's been a movie dog name way longer than Toy Story.

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