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Dogs Named Roxy

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we got a new dog yesterday, cocker spaniel toy australian shepherd cross, all black and we named her Roxy. It was the perfect name for her!


Well I've searched for a name and this was it. My pit puppys sire is named rock so it fit that way. And she is spunky and full of attitude. Until the kids get near her. Then she is so sweet.


i just got a new kitten i named her Roxy!!<3 (:


Roxy is my dog's name now.. how thankful i am that i found it :)


I like this name...My mother-in-law's name is Roxanne and her nickname is Foxy Roxy so I can't name my puppy Roxy even though it fits my puppy. My mother-in-law might take offense to it. Darn it!

Barb Carlson

Just adopted a 1 1/2 year old Papillion mix.. When I got her, her name was Roxxie. It really fits her, because she is definitely spunky and full of attitude.
I am a senior who lives alone. Roxie is the perfect match for me and my home.

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