A Dog Named Lulu


Pat Smith

We chose a little dog from a humane society eight months ago. I saw her on line and drove two hours to adopt her. Yesterday was her "adoptaversary". Lulu just seemed like the perfect name for her. Although she had been abused and spent time as a "street walker" I could just tell there was a darling little girl waiting for us. When she arrived at the humane society (puppy orphanage), she was matted, infested with fleas/ticks, and had a horrible skin allergy (food). She had been there for two months while the good folks at the puppy orphanage were trying to get her healthy enough to be adopted. We adopted her on Friday, July 13. She had almost no fur - only around her face and on the top of her head. As soon as we arrived home, she took over, and her personality started to show itself. While shy around most men (a man had been mean to her) she fell in love with my husband and within minutes had him wrapped around her little paw. She is a "terrier" type, but we call her a "terrior". She absolutely refused to acknowledge the fancy canopied dog bed next to our bed and begged "Daddy" to put her in bed. For the very first time in 35 years of marriage he allowed a dog to sleep in our bed! Eight months later, she is still there, sleeping in the crook of his leg, or draped across the top of his head. She was a shy little girl for about two days and now she is a full-blown princess-diva. Lulu runs the show and bosses her fifteen year old beagle brother, Huckleberry and thirteen year old labrador brother, Spike. We have worked hard on her allergies and with daily brushings she has a beautiful coat. She could be on TV as a Benjie look alike. She is one of the smartest dogs we've known, she's people smart. She is quirky, bossy, cute, and adored. Lulu is the PERFECT name for our funny little girl also.

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