• Meaning of Argos: Odysseus' dog in Homer's Odyssey
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Beagle
  • Origin: Greek
Average: 3.6 (43 votes)

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Dogs Named Argos

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omg this was the name we r going to name our gsd


yeahhh this is a great dog name :)

eileen page

I found the name ARGOS and it is PERFECT.
I was looking for a name that was a strong name , smart , and light and happy. while researching Greek Gods I found Argos right away and we named our precious baby boy Standard Poodle Argos. He responds very well to the name


Argos my new dog name


Argos was Odysseus dog. He waited for him to return from his long trip. When Odysseus arrived in Ithaki, his home, he dressed as a begar so no one could notice him. Argos knew as soon as he saw him that this man was his master. He sniffed him, licked him and finally died in peace knowing that he was back home.

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